Promoting the Oral Health of Children: Theory and Practice

Aubrey SheihamMarcelo BöneckerSamuel Jorge MoysésRichard G. Watt 
Quintessence Publishing Company, 2014 – 450 páginas

Improving the oral health of children requires a public health approach that moves beyond conventional dental health education. Written by experts in dental public health and pediatric dentistry, this evidence-based book examines several approaches to improving pediatric oral health and explains what strategies work and why. The authors advocate for a new model of pediatric oral health that tackles the underlying causes of poor oral health through a range of complementary actions, including the establishment of working partnerships with the relevant agencies and sectors and a focus on eliminating risk factors and their social determinants. This book outlines practical strategies for prevention and measurement of common dental problems among children, including dental caries, periodontal disease, traumatic dental injury, and malocclusion. Practical direction is given on creating supportive environments, building healthy public policies, strengthening community action, and re-orientating health services.